Rubie Chen



As a couple coming from different backgrounds, we don’t always share the same habits in our daily life. From food & drinks to family activities and many more aspects, there are details that differ in each other. By observing our routines, we found out that the differences behind our personal behaviors are actually the reflection and influence of our own cultures.

So we started to explore, observe and document them in the way I am most familiar with: illustration. After sharing one of the earliest topics “Shower time”, it came as a surprise the huge debate this created on social media which gathered over a million views. The comments from netizens made me realize that the differences not only lie between different cultures, but also among various personalities and lifestyles. So I kept on sharing more topics of what we found in our day to day, aiming to stimulate more discussion and awareness.

We named the project “(NOT) different” after realizing that even though actions and details vary from one to another, our purpose is the same after all.

Exhibition - Opening talk

Part of the series has been exhibited in Shanghai at YiJian Library in 2022. 

Exhibition snapshots

Audience from all kinds of background shared their experience on culture difference.

Loving someone from a different culture is a never-ending journey of differences. Yet, it's the differences that makes it so special in a borderless society.

More from the exhibition

In the exhibition, I offered visitors blank comic card to draw down their own stories.